Autobackup v4


Compatible with CS-Cart versions:

4.0.1 - 4.13.3
4.0.1 - 4.13.3

CS-Cart Autobackup, Automatic Database Backup Tool addon


If you order multiple licenses (eg. you have multiple stores) enter the domain names comma separated than enter the Quantity according to your domain/store numbers..

The most preferred automatic database backup and management tool!

With the Autobackup add-on you can automatically optimize and backup your CS-Cart database and upload it to pCloud, the most popular cloud storage provider.
pCloud is a free service that lets you bring all your data, photos, docs and videos anywhere.

  • Backup database
  • Optimize database
  • Select database file compression engine (tgz, gz, zip, none)
  • Delete old backups (only backups made by this add-on, where the name contains autobackup)
  • Upload the backups to pCloud
  • Send notification email about the pCloud upload status
  • Insert the activity into the CS-Cart log event list
  • Run each action (backup-, optimize-, delete old-, upload backups to pCloud) automatically with day level selectable period
  • Automatically run at regular intervals with Cron Job

No core files changes, editing.
Easy installation, 1 click installation compatible!
Detailed installation instructions included!

Note: Cron Job is required to be installed on your server for this add-on package.
The built-in CS-Cart database backup/restore engine fails on larger database files (arround 500Mb), is not able to restore them. You can use Bigdump or phpMyAdmin with Gzip (gz) compressed files. If you have extra large database files (over 1Gb) you should contact your hosting company for special backup methods, the proper operation is not guaranteed.

Very useful add-on, thank you
Is doing the job on our site very well, tx
Very nice and useful add-on. Thanks.
Excellent product, was easy to install and works great.
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