CS-Cart addons v3

Addons for CS-Cart 3.x releases.

Must have addon.
With the Dynamic Search module you get search results while you type. When a user starts typing in the search input box, the module will search in products titles, search keywords and will display the results, the products small thumbnail, the product title.

$139.90 $89.90
Custom Dynamic Search Engine Optimization - CDSEO. A highly recommended add-on for all CS-Cart owner!
The most complex additional SEO module for CS-Cart ever released.

The best marketing tool for e-commerce.
Is completely automated mod that will make offers to your customers and inform them by email about the daily deals.

$44.90 $39.90
Lots of content? Little space? Tabbed Blocks comes to the rescue. Embed different blocks into one with tabs.

Displays a direct product enquiry form on the product details page.

With the Autobackup add-on you can automatically backup your CS-Cart database and upload it to Dropbox, the most popular cloud storage provider. Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your data, photos, docs and videos anywhere.

A highly customizable image gallery, slideshow module for CS-Cart. Images are uploaded thru admin panel.
No file editing required!
Multilanguage text supported!

This is a BANNER SLIDESHOW which can be updated easily through xml. All the data including images, text, text animation, alignment, position and all other parameters can be controlled through xml for each slide.
Multilanguage text supported!

$49.90 $39.90
The Carousel 3D Image Rotator module displays multiple images with a stack effect, perspective and reflection.

$45.00 $39.90
This CS-Cart mod is designed to create nice dynamic image previews over thumbnails. When you roll the mouse over a thumbnail, the full-size image (Popup larger image) is shown in a floating box with the product title.

This module is for the serious shop owner who really wants to get the most out of their shop, customers and advertising with MINIMAL outlay. Stable, reliable and most of all proven time and time again to increase sales, increase customer loyalty, and constantly become more and more valuable to you as your shop grows.

This modification for Cs-cart allows your customers to select which currency to pay for your products when using PayPal. Must have addon.