Ultimate Banner Rotator v3


Compatible with CS-Cart versions:

3.0.1 - 3.0.6
3.0.1 - 3.0.6
3.0.1 - 3.0.6
3.0.1 - 3.0.2

If you order multiple licenses (eg. you have multiple stores) enter the domain names comma separated than enter the Quantity according to your domain/store numbers..

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  • Option to choose five different type image transitions.
  • Simple Fade-in
  • Move
  • Diagonal fade
  • Radial fade
  • Circular Mask
Using auto transition option the image can be automatically animate by four different transitions. Option to choose any one of the transition for whole banner.
  • Option to set Image Width and Height.
  • Options to resize the image to fit the area / cover over area /display without resize.
  • Option to display the images in random order.
  • Option to enable or disable the auto play.
  • Click over the image will launch a URL .
  • Load JPEG , PNG, GIF and SWF file.
  • Multilanguage text and image supported (up to 5+1 default)
  • Font can be Embed / None Embed.
  • Option to use two different fonts and you can set a font type for each text.
  • Option to add Multiple lines for each slide. Display short and long text with smooth animation
  • Embed / None Embed font support HTML format with adjustable font size, color and add hyper link
  • Option to set the text width for each side and left margin for each text
  • Easy to position the text using align and spacing options
  • Five different Text transition available:
    • simple fade in
    • move from bottom.
    • move from top.
    • move from right with blur.
    • move from left with blur.
    • Option to choose any one of the animation for each slide
    • Set delay time for each slide
    • Option to control text shadow transparency and shadow distance.
THUMBNAIL (buttons with numbers)
  • Option to show or hide the thumbnails
  • Option to arrange the thumbnails in horizontally or vertically
  • Option to set thumbnail width, height and thumb to thumb space
  • Option to display thumbnail text for each image
  • Thumbnail mouse scroll is automatically enabled if more thumbnails are display. Option to control scroll speed.
  • Option to set thumbnails mask size.
  • Easy to position the thumbnails using align and spacing options.
  • Option to Change thumbnail background color and number color
  • Option to enable or disable the thumbnail auto hide
  • Next, Previous and PlayPause button appear on RollOver the banner.
  • Option to enable or disable the Buttons auto hide.
  • Option to change buttons background and arrow color.
  • Option to enable or disable the Buttons auto position.
The Ultimate Banner Rotator uses flash based engine and pure css to control all appearance and valid xhtml.
Compatible with IE 6-7-8-9, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome.
Detailed installation instructions included!

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