CS-Cart v.4.6.1 add-ons compatibility

Jul 11, 2017 Thomas Hano update, version compatibility

Compatibility/updates for CS-Cart v.4.6.1 add-ons.

The CS-Cart 4.6 major version has been released.

In this version the developers introduced many changes in the source code and in the functions. Some add-ons from the previous CS-Cart versions are compatible, but most aren't!
We have started checking the compatibility and updating the add-ons for CS-Cart v4.5.x editions.

The list of updated and compatible add-on modules:

More comming soon, stay connected.

1 update highly recommended from the v.4.5.x or older versions
2 update required from the v.4.5.x or older versions
3 the new email templates recently does not support third party add-ons. Until CS-Cart developers will make it compatible you need to use the old style email template mode.
More info in the CS-Cart forum: http://forum.cs-cart.com/topic/45768-email-and-document-template-editor-in-cs-cart-441/page-2#entry260591

The update is free for all orders with valid update period. You can download the latest version from your account. Un-install the previous version and install the latest one.

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