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CS-Cart: Strategies to Boost End-of-Year Sales

Dec 9, 2015 Gomby E-commerce ecommerce, marketing
Consumers like to spend money during November and December. Businesses spend more too, distributing profits and budgets to prepare for Uncle Sam. The biggest sale season of the year is coming sooner and sooner, have your site been well prepared for it? Make your organization’s year-end giving initiative count by following these simple rules.
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CS-Cart: Comparing Email Marketing Services

Nov 4, 2015 Gomby E-commerce ecommerce, email marketing, marketing
In order to make a significant income from your online business, you need an email service. You'll use email to make offers to your subscribers. But which one should you use?
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CS-Cart: Simple Strategies for Decreasing Shopping Cart Abandonment

Oct 8, 2015 Gomby E-commerce abandoned carts, ecommerce, marketing

Discouraged by the abandoned carts on your ecommerce site?

Shopping cart abandonment remains a major ecommerce concern. To help manage this problem, here are tips to help significantly lower shopping cart abandonment.

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CS-Cart: Starting Email Marketing - Things You Need To Know

Aug 19, 2015 Gomby E-commerce ecommerce, email marketing, marketing

Should you be using email marketing?

How do you stay in touch with your existing customer base? Do you have a database of customer email addresses? Are you taking full advantage of this information? Need to communicate to your customer’s on a recurring basis? Do you have a new product or service to announce?

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CS-Cart Blogging For Need or For Greed

Nov 28, 2014 Gomby E-commerce ecommerce, marketing
Are you thinking about starting a blog right now or in the near future? Well, what's taking you so long? Its important to know your reasons for starting your own blog. There are millions of blogs out there, however just because there are lots of them, it doesn't mean that each and every blog is doing well financially. It's common knowledge that you can make money blogging, however do not allow greed to overshadow your main purpose. Greed can ultimately lead to your site's downfall if you are not careful.
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Web Ecommerce: Where To Begin?

Aug 22, 2014 ThomH E-commerce ecommerce, marketing
Everything small business owners need to know about starting an e-commerce website, plus the pros and cons of running an online business. With more consumers shopping online than ever before, businesses that want to boost their bottom lines must get in on the action.
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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Jul 25, 2014 ThomH E-commerce ecommerce, marketing
Many people don’t realize the importance of having a blog on their website to boost their online presence. Actually a blog can drive both online traffic and actual customers to your business.
Not only is it beneficial for marketing/SEO purposes but also for the user experience allowing you to gain trust from your readers and a chance to prove your expertise within your industry and area.
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Best Practices for Sending Multiple Daily Deals & Emails

Jul 17, 2014 ThomH E-commerce ecommerce, marketing
Since 66% of all deal purchases come from email, sending daily deal emails to alert your customers of what you have to offer is incredibly important. Email is not the only channel where daily deals convert, but it's the primary hub for conversions.
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Cross-Sells and Upsells: What is the Difference?

Jul 1, 2014 ThomH E-commerce ecommerce, marketing
Cross selling and upselling are both part of the prominent category known as suggestive selling. Cross selling involves the sale of products that are different or unrelated, whereas upselling means building an existing sale into something bigger or better by adding on features or upgrades.
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CS-Cart add-on modules & benefits

Jun 16, 2014 ThomH E-commerce ecommerce
In addition to the functionality delivered by CS-Cart's internal add-ons, an extensive set of features which can be implemented in a CS-Cart based store is provided in the form of add-on modules. These are software components which can be purchased separately, installed in CS-Cart root and linked to the system.
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