I purchased and had Thomas install his banner program. It works great and was installed quickly.

Thomas release very good add-ons and easy to install.

His support is excelent!

Take care that some add-on might be allready included in the version of CS you install.

Follow and read the instructions else Thomas will have to work for you ;)

Congratulation Webgraphiq
We recently purchased Webgraphiq's Back in Stock Ultimate v2 addon because the similar built-in feature in v2.2.4 is not the best and we were not getting many sign-ups from customers.

We had a few minor issues with Webgraphiq's version but Thomas was very quick to respond and fix them. Now we are getting signups for stock notifications much much higher than what we had before getting this addon.

Highly recommended addon for stores that have stock that goes in and out of supply constantly and/or if stock replenishments are irregular (e.g. import business like ours at www.abitofhome.ca).
We are very satisfied with Thomas and Webgraphique services, slideshows, addons and components.

Last requirement was help with advanced filter changes - and it works great:
I contacted webgraphiq for an addition on manually filled categories block.

They coded a complete add-on (no change files required) that was easy to install and use.

It allows to activate the emenu (or cs-cart flyout menu) on manually filled categories.(2.2.1CE)

This is great when you have more than one category block and you need to show the subcategories without refreshing the page.
After a long time i purchased thomas addon and it is working very well on 2.1.4 pro version. I hope he will make some more very interesting addon.
We have purchased several addons from Webgraphiq and all have worked great on all our sites.

I did have a few difficulties on one site while upgrading from 2.1.4 to 2.2.1, however Thomas got straight onto the issue and solved it promptly.

Thanks for your good work.
Excellent service, good prices and especially drafty. Great compliment to Thomas!

Sincerely yours,

Jacek Roloff - BRAUTWELT

Purchased few mods from Webgraphiq recently. The installation of these mod is simple and straight forward. On average, each mod takes less than 5 minutes to install. I have an issue with the Jquery Slidshow and Thomas got it solved within an hour.

Thomas also help to customize the "Back in Stock Ultimate v2" mod. The price is reasonable and the service is fast.

Thanks, Thomas, for your great service and support.
Purchased two mods:

PayPal accept multiple currencies v2

Direct Inquiry v2

for my 2.07 cart, first mod worked perfect, second had problem with 2.07 but Thomas resolved this issue by supplying earlier addon version that works great with my cart.

Many thanks
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