I bought two addons from webgraphiq and i am very satisfied with their products and services. I recommend their products. Thanks Thomas.
Fantastic experience. The addons from Thomas work as described and are very easy to install. I bought a bunch of addons and had them all running in a matter of minutes. I highly recommend.
I bought Alphabetical listing and mini-cart addons from webgraphiq and I'm quite happy with both addons. They worked perfectly and added much needed features for our webshop.

I'll be getting more products and even ideas for Mr. Thomas in the future. I think their work is quite good and they are very helpful. People must understand that English is not their first language and therefore communication back and forth might give way to misunderstandings.

We all have been so patient with CS-Cart. I think that we should also be patient and understanding with all other developers who are trying hard to help all of us and at the same time make a decent living out if it.

Anyway, I recommend webgraphiq products to anyone.
Have to say, I purchased the banner rotator a couple of weeks ago and I think it is a great product. Works exactly as advertised.
I also purchased the banner rotator mod and support was very quick, courteous and helpful. The installation instructions were very detailed which is appreciated.

I'll definitely order from webgraphiq again in the near future.
two days ago, we purchased the flash rotator addon from webgraphiq - our first order with thomas.

installation and setup was a breeze on our cs-cart 2.0.14 store.

we had an issue with the speed of our website after installing the flash rotator.

after a couple of emails (with quick responses especially due to the time difference), thomas had made some "minor" improvements which ensured the website quickly, with no delays.

a very happy flash rotator customer and exceptionally quick and actually helpful service.

thanks again Thomas ! :D



I've just used Webgraphiq for the first time. I purchased one of their modules for 1.3.5.sp4, the price was reasonable and installation was very easy.

I then asked for an amendment to this module which was done at low cost and in double-quick time.

I am very impressed and will be using them again - highly recommended.



I purchased several add-ons including a skin from webgraphiq. Very happy with the products and support.

After upgrading to 2.013/2.014 my webgraphiq skin was messed up like many others. While other people were going crazy trying to figure out how to repair the damage, Thomas sent out new css files for the skin very quickly. All I did was replace these files and the skin was back to normal-in less than a day. I don't have time to figure out how to fix the problems myself. Costs me more in time to try to fix myself then to let someone who knows what they are doing to fix it.

I think it is better for cs-cart to spend their resources on fixing and making the core software better, such as the checkout area, PayPal and CC processing, checkout calculations and other know issues, and to let other developers create and support specialty add-ons.

Well, after much time spent on trying to get the Deal of the Day addon developed Webgraphiq came out with one. I purchased the version 2 one that includes the email addon. I am very happy with it and it works great.

I had a domain issue, but Thomas worked it out just fine. Now it is up and running and I couldn't be happier. They did a great job.

Thank you Thomas and Webgraphiq.

On the 6 of April I had enough trying to put some flash banners on my soon to be web site until I remember that I had seen someone's comments about a guy by the name Thomas from www.webgraphiq.com that some people found to be really good.

Well I decided to go to his web site and check it out for myself. After a few minutes of digesting the info on the site I decided to purchase a script by the name "Cs-Cart Carousel 3D Image Rotator v2" with no installation. (Some people may need the installation help).

Pay for it waited for about 5 minutes and then I got a confirmation download link, went to the download area got the file unzipped it, read instructions, upload what was require to my server, click twice (2) with the mouse and there it was working like a clock. Between uploading and getting to work it was about 3 minutes, I only wish I had seen this earlier because I have spend more than a week of unproductive work trying to get the other stuff to do something.

I must tell you, this guy is unbelievable, I send him an email to thank him for his script because I felt that I was helped.

The script works like a charm, and yes I intent to keep purchasing in the future. I am very happy with my experience.
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