Recently, I upgraded to 2.08 and needed some adjustments to my product detail pages and the front page of my store.

Thomas did the work very quickly and with a reasonable price.

One thing that he did that impressed me was to prepare screen shots of what the finished changes would look like. This was very helpful.
I've been doing eCommerce since 2003.

I bought a custom skin from Cscartskins.com awhile back that had a serious problem with the Listmania function, among other things. The design of the site was excellent, but the backend had issues. I could not get in touch with the owner of Cscartskins after sending him e-mail after e-mail.

Thomas from www.webgraphiq.com fixed my Listmania issue and a bunch of other bugs that he found, as well.

reference thread: http://forum.cs-cart...63108#post63108

I will buy all future 3rd party skins from Webgraphiq and can't say enough about the excellent customer service, quality of work and competitive price that Webgraphiq offers. Superb, Top notch, Excellent and A+++++!!! Highly Recommended!!

Bryan R.

Hello all. I would like to take time to acknowledge the great work of Thomas at www.webgraphiq.com.

Thomas took a psd layout I created in photoshop and implemented it into one of the custom skins provided in his shop.

Thomas was helpful in telling me what I needed to modify in my psd to make it look good in cs cart and on all browsers.

The service was fast, affordable and professional. He went beyond what was required to insure my skin was uploaded and

installed correctly. I highly recommend www.webgraphiq.com for all cs cart modifications. My site is still under construction,

so i will post a link in due time.

10/10 for google sitemap generator for 2.0 that is SEO friendly. It includes your categories in the product url, which is important to avoid getting penalized for duplicate content by google.
Great thanks to WebGraphiq and specially to Thomas Hano, I've just bought "Cs-cart Wg-Mobile Store v2 Template" it is a marvelous template, they were so friendly and helpfull with me, I wish to deal with them again in the future.

Thanks again WebGraphiq
I am super satisfied with these guy's work. Great job! I hope to work with them in the future!

Here is my HONEST review:

Speed 10/10

Accuracy 9/10 (turned out to work better though hehe)

Price 10/10

Friendly 10/10

Thanks again guys.
Huge thanks to Thomas for his support & service - easy to deal with, issues and answers resolved quickly - 10/10 :D

I just used webgraphiq for a Back in Stock addon and other minor mod and they were very good to deal with. Very fast and good price. I recommend this service and will use again.

Julio Neves

I recently bought 2 mods from them and had some issues that had nothing to do with their programming (there was an incompatibility with the demands of my website traffic and the rss of an external website). I wrote to them and within 24 hours they contacted me and worked on my site for me and fixed the problem.

Now that is what I call A+ customer service!!
I bought 2 mods from here, excellent mod and service!
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