Mar 4, 2021 Thomas Hano major update, update

Introducing CDSEO - Search Engine Optimization - addon for CS-Cart 4.12.x with big improvements!

We have released the new version of the CDSEO, Custom Dynamic Search Engine Optimization - Google Rich Snippets add-on for CS-Cart v4 editions with important improvements.

This is a major release that ports the add-on to CS-Cart 4.12.x and requires CS-Cart 4.12.1 or higher.

Probably this is the secondly most affected add-on by the changes introduced in CS-Cart 4.12.1.

The new version introduces JSON-LD for the Structured Data Markup with the following extra features:

Add the following extra structured markup for all pages:

  • Organization
  • name,legalName,url,logo
    Facebook, Twitter, Youtube channel url
  • BreadcrumbList

Add the following extra structured markup for the main page:

  • Article
  • Website

Add the following extra structured markup for category and content pages:

  • Article

Add the following structured markup for the product page:

  • gtin
  • product price valid until
  • product category

Add the following extra structured markup for blog pages:

  • NewsArticle

Some extra features over the built-in SEO add-on:

  • Additional Structured Data Markup items, listed above
  • Custom 301 and 404 redirects, useful for discontinued products
  • Custom canonical links
  • Product category
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Many more, see the add-on details page

Changed completely the installer, moved the translations to .po language file.
Improved the stability and security. Made it compatible with PHP 7.4 and PHP 8.0

Update is highly recommended from older versions.

You can download the latest version from your account. Un-install the previous version and install the latest one.
The package contains also the versions compatible with older CS-Cart editions.

More info: CDSEO v4

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