New release of Direct Inquiry CS-Cart add-on loaded with new features!

May 23, 2018 Thomas Hano update

We’re proudly bringing to you the new version of our Direct Inquiry add-on for CS-Cart v4 editions loaded with new features.

We have received reports from some CS-Cart store owners that beside the fact that they have enabled the Google reCAPTCHA, the built-in anti-bot validation, they still received a few spam requests. In this version we have implemented a honeypot spam trap, this may help to reduce the number of spams from bots, if they are still present.

A honeypot trap involves creating a form with an extra field that is hidden to human visitors but readable by robots. The robot fills out the invisible field and submits the form, leaving you to simply ignore their spammy submission.

Also there are some other code optimizations to improve the speed, stability and security. Update is highly recommended.

You can download the latest version from your account. Un-install the previous version and install the latest one.

More info: Direct Inquiry v4

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