Major update of Suggestive Search v4 - addon for CS-Cart has been released!

Mar 13, 2019 Thomas Hano major update, update

We’re happy to announce the new version of our Suggestive Search add-on for CS-Cart v4 editions with new cool features and improvements.

This is a major release that brings new features, small bug fixes, speed improvements and security fixes.

Received a lot of requests to implement the ability to store the search terms. You can store the search terms while someone is typing or hitting the search button. The search terms can be sorted by different filters (search term, date, popularity, period), you can delete them or clear completely the search history.
You have the ability to enable/disable this function in the admin panel.
Also there are some other code optimizations to improve the speed, stability and security.

Update is highly recommended from older versions.

You can download the latest version from your account. Un-install the previous version and install the latest one.

More info: Suggestive Search v4