Suggestive Search v4


Compatible with CS-Cart versions:

4.0.1 - 4.13.3
4.0.1 - 4.13.3

CS-Cart Suggestive Search, Quick Search, Auto Suggest, Dynamic search addon


If you order multiple licenses (eg. you have multiple stores) enter the domain names comma separated than enter the Quantity according to your domain/store numbers..

With the Suggestive Search AKA Dynamic Search add-on you get results while you type (Incremental search). Search results start to be displayed instantly and are refined as the user continues typing.

  • Incremental search results
  • Results are shown as you type
  • Results narrow as you continue typing
  • Highlighted text in results
  • Clickable links in search results
Configurable options:
  • New!!! Store search terms
  • New!!! Search in vendor (company) name, CS-Cart MultiVendor editions
  • Search in category name, meta keywords
  • Redirect to the product details page if one product found
  • Search in product name
  • Search in short description
  • Search in full description
  • Search in meta keywords
  • Search in (by) product code
  • Search for the exact phrase or all/any entered word
  • Set up the minimum entered characters to start searching
  • Limit the number of products in search results drop-down list
  • Show the products mini thumbnail
  • Show the image previewer on mouse over*
  • Show the product code
  • Show the product price

No core files changes, editing.
Easy installation, 1 click installation compatible!
* disabled in versions 4.1.x responsive themes
Detailed installation instructions included!

Click here to see live demo!

Type eg.: one in the search field and move your mouse over the minithumbnail.
Type eg.: 000 in the search field to view search by product code.

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It would be much better if the add-on can suggest some correct words just in case the user key in the wrong word, for example, when user key in butox, the add-on will suggest if the user is referring to botox.
The best addon! works perfectly
Thanks God that searchandise wanted money in order to work and I was forced to buy this search addon. It is by far better than Searchandise since it is faster and more easy to use for the users. (Should I mention that is also by far cheaper? )
Must-have add-on! Worth every penny.
This is a great addon at a reasonable price.
The best replacement for the page slowing Searchanise!
I like how the results are listed. Thank you Thomas for the new features.
Thomas is one of the best programmer around CS-Cart. If you need a module or a skin for this shopping cart, he's your man.
Nice and fast working addon.
Excellent mod to the standard cs cart search feature. This is a must for any site carrying a larger qty of products.
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