CS-Cart add-on modules & benefits

Jun 16, 2014 ThomH E-commerce ecommerce

CS-Cart: Modules and Add-ons  & benefits

In addition to the functionality delivered by CS-Cart's internal add-ons, an extensive set of features which can be implemented in a CS-Cart based store is provided in the form of add-on modules (or simply add-ons). These are software components which can be purchased separately, installed in CS-Cart root and linked to the system.

Add-on modules offer an additional functionality to enhance your ecommerce store capabilities and boost your sales. They are available for both CS-Cart and CS-Cart Multi-vendor and can be added at any time.

The ecommerce market place is a competitive industry and to be truly successful in your niche you must be cutting edge. Pre-built solutions allow you to put a better developed e-commerce solution to market, cheaper and faster than your competition.

By using pre-built CS-Cart addons you:

  • Benefit from a reduced cost made available by the resaleable nature of the software
  • Can get your solution to market faster by skipping the design, development and beta-testing phases of custom development
  • Can feel at ease knowing our addons have been tested and are functional on thousands of CS-Cart stores just like yours
  • Save the time and expense of recoding solutions as new branches of CS-Cart are released - we recode our addons to remain compatible

Take a step forward extend your store functionality, increase conversion and make your store more profitable - use CS-Cart Add-ons!


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